Frankly Chat was a mobile application available on iOS & Android. A creative and expressive messenger that supported full screen text, images, visual voice, and video. With the ability to change the size and color of your messages and unsend them before they're read.

Frankly Chat originally started as a messenger app that was geared toward working professionals that wanted to trade sensitive information or just have fun. During my time at Frankly, we changed up the messaging platform in a way that had not been done before. We kept the key features of the original app — ephemerality and privacy — but the look, feel, and core audience changed. We were fundamentally taking a different approach tomessaging and we created a unique expressive and creative messenger.


When I first started, the industry was just leaving skeumorphism, so one of the first things I ended up doing was a bit of a brand refresh and UI update.

As the application evolved to more of our creative and expressive messenger, I worked directly with our new Head of UX and became more involved in actual product design. Providing new interactions for showing ephemerality, unsending messages, color picker, and photo treatment on upload.

Unsend (Delete)
Branding Update

The agency we hired went through the motions of exploring the new branding. They looked through and worked with what we currently had and then dove deeper into our core audience — tweens to twenty-somethings — and product. They came up with a more youthful and vibrant look. I then went through and updated the UI and some of the interactions to to reflect this change.

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