Scheduler is Smith.ai’s web only internal application that allows the creating and viewing of employee work schedules and the ability to track time.

I led the product design for Smith.ai Scheduler web application that manages scheduling for Smith.ai’s team of virtual receptionists and chat agents. One of the founders of the company had been in the loop with the challenges the management and support teams had been experiencing in using their current scheduling application. Knowing that their current application had no plans to support features these teams needed, the founder decided to invest in building our own internal scheduling application.

The main goal was to increase productivity and efficiency in managing employee shifts — tasks that were eating up several hours each day of Management and Support teams time within their current application. The other goal was to make this new application familiar [to what they were already using] so that everyone could easily start using it with little-to-no training.

Product MVP

Scheduler addresses the specific immediate needs of the Smith.ai team. Key features that include automation for creating and managing open shifts, shift coverage indicator, slack integration, and the ability to view and sort an employee’s shift history.


I worked directly with founding leadership, lead scheduling manager and lead engineer to shape the product vision and build an MVP that we could roll-out and QA with a select group of managers and employees before officially switching everyone over to this new application.

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