Illumineto was a web platform that provided a cloud-based sales acceleration solution to drive increased revenue for an organization by making its sales professionals more efficient, effective and persuasive in their engagements with prospects.

My Spark Pages. These pages are the whole purpose of the application. Spark pages are the sales pages that have been created to send to potential prospects. In order to make this a better experience in using the product, I updated not only the UI and overall visual layout but also improved the interactions.

Spark Creation & Authoring. Each time a user wants to create a Spark Page, they go through a series of steps. Once finished, a Spark Page is created that can be customized specifically to each prospect.

Dashboard. Illumineto had not created a dashboard but they knew what information they wanted to show. I took that information and first parsed it down into some wireframes, then turned the wireframes into visuals.

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