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Veeva Systems, a global company headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, is a cloud-computing company focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences industry applications.
Challenge: Surveys

Surveys section already existed on Veeva’s iPad app. This project involved adapting this section for their iPhone app. Working with the PM, I learned there were several considerations I needed to be aware of.

First, Surveys are not like a traditional survey in that it’s not a linear experience. The analogy presented to me was “clipboard style” — where a user can jump to any question and answer only questions they want (other than required).

Second, what happens if a user answers a question that has a branching question (child question). How does this get denoted in the question list.

And lastly, what happens when there is an error where a required question(s) or required child question(s) have not been answered.

Challenge: Survey Child Questions on Web

Related to Surveys, I designed the feature for “Child Questions” for the web since this is where the surveys are created. The website is built within the Salesforce platform so I matched the style already implemented while also addressing some needed updates for margins/padding.

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