Event Promotion
Arts for Oakland Kids is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance arts justice by ensuring that all students in under-resourced Oakland public schools receive a comprehensive arts education in order to improve learning and promote achievement.
Event Promotion

During my time at Arts for Oakland Kids (AOK), as a Board Member, I volunteered to help with designs for event promotion. This included flyers, 11x17 posters, social media graphics, and email graphics.

Art Fest is a yearly free celebration with fun hands-on projects for kids and their families. The event happens in celebration of National Arts Education month. The flyers I made were printed and distributed to several OUSD Grade schools, which were then handed out to kids to take home — making them my target audience. Given this, I wanted designs that would [hopefully] appeal to them so that they would actually take them home. I focused on using color, creative fonts, and layouts that created some movement.

Click on images to view the gallery of each design and their various formats.

Art Fest 2017 Flyer FrontArt Fest 2018 Flyer FrontArt Fest 2019 Flyer

Crabfest is a yearly fundraising event that happens in January. The concept I executed was a bunch of crabs thinking they were attending a party with a bunch of their buddies... unknowingly that they literally were the party. The adorable, playful, cartoon crab makes their naivete endearing and memorable with the goal to encourage people purchase tickets.

Social Media of crabfest event. Adorable large crab and many other colorful crabs having fun at crabfest
Gif animation. Social Media of crabfest event. Adorable large crab and many other colorful crabs having fun at crabfest

Benevon is a mission-centered, four-step, circular process for raising sustainable funding and major gifts from individual donors. AOK decided to invest in this model as they had been relying on the same list of people to solicit donations from — a list that was barely growing each year.

I worked with a couple other board members and the theme we opted to use for our first year of Benevon was ‘Create’. As we had photos of kids from all of our funded arts programs, it was important to utilize one or more of these photos. Photos options were converted to B&W, making the mood of the images more intense and emotional — emotion being a way of compelling people to donate to the organization. The illustrative elements bring in the playfulness and help to balance the B&W photo.

Create benevon, Save the Date flyer front. Black and White photo of kids playing hand drums with illustrative musical notes coming from drums.
Create, benevon, save the date postcard back.

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