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Kickfurther is a crowdfunding platform for businesses that want to raise money to purchase inventory. Businesses give people the chance to buy inventory on consignment. A rate of return and timeframe is specified in which the business expects to sell the inventory and pay back supporters with dividends.
Recruitment Ad

Kickfurther wanted to advertise the rate of return for supporting businesses on their platform. I was provided with a string of copy and was told the rate, 18.8%, was the most important and should catch peoples attention. These would be ads shown on both Instagram and Facebook.


The initial copy I was provided was a bit longer than what I had anticipated. My  thought with ads on social media is to treat them similar to a billboard ad on the freeway — an engaging image with minimal headline-type copy (plus Facebook has a 20% text rule). The concept of someone driving on the road to someone scrolling through their social media seems similar — you want to capture their attention and allow them to digest content quickly and easily.

I edited down the copy and looked for photos that communicated happiness, effortless, and ease. Once I found some options, I edited the photos and added some of the kickstarter colors within the images so they would feel more integrated with the brand.

"These look so sick. You did a good job editing the text to fit into the ad without compromising messaging!"

– Graham Vosburg, Director of Digital Marketing


I was asked to update some of their templates. One set showcasing a business and the stage that it’s at on the platform — ‘Upcoming’ or ‘Live’, and the other being testimonials.

Templates that were being used at the time of the design request.


For the business templates, the first thing that struck me was how the brand logo was the focus with the overlay basically hiding the brand’s product(s). Even with that too, it felt like there’s a little bit of fighting between the brand logo and the overlaid background image. My thought was that the brand logo and the product image are equally important, so my design goal was to create a template that supported both. As for the testimonial templates, the request was for a design that included the image of the quote speaker.

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