Brand Identity, Tradeshow Banners
Auri was a footwear company making precision-made shoes that supported the foot with the best technology and performance in the world. Each piece originated at the Auri fashion lab in Laguna, CA.

I lead the design and development of the Auri brand, creating collateral pieces and first branding campaign. I met with the owner and shoe designer to understand their story and what they felt made their shoes unique to other brands in the current market. The thing that they emphasized was their technology of the shoe — technology that would limit foot pain by 50% to 80%. All their shoes styles from the most casual to dress would utilize this technology creating fashion shoes that don't hurt.

One of the ideas that I came up with, that they connected to, revolved around photo inspiration I had found — guys nicely dressed up but being very active — jumping, kicking, etc. The idea being that their shoes are so fashionable [and comfortable] that they can be worn with whatever attire. Given too, that their technology was such an important aspect, I used their schematics as texture in the background.

For the initial comps, some shown below, I worked with a copy writer to start bringing in a voice for their brand.


The logo mark was inspired by the shape on the soles of the shoes, particularly prominent in the boots. From that, I went about looking for a font to create the word mark that would complement the logo mark.

Tradeshow banners

The models in the comps were stock photos with Auri shoes photoshopped on. In order to be more original and have more control over a variety of poses, I helped organize a photoshoot with models dressed up and wearing prototypes of the shoes. These photos were used in layouts at their first tradeshow.

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