Email, Push Notifications
Motorola builds and delivers mobile devices improving the lives of millions of people. With a commitment to consumers, they are dedicated to bringing  around-the-world great value through devices that don’t compromise on quality, experiences or style.


During my time at Brand Up and as a freelance designer, my work with Motorola consisted of designing their marketing emails and push notifications. I was provided access to their collection of phone and marketing assets and adapted those to work within emails — desktop and mobile. Sometimes I could use images as-is, sometimes I had to photoshop images to make them work, and sometimes I created gif animations from images or video files. Final designs were checked & prepped and then handed off to a developer.

With my recommendation, we went from using Photoshop to Sketch. Photoshop was still the tool to use when I needed to manipulate images or create animated gifs but Sketch became the primary application. Switching to Sketch not only made certain aspects of the design work much easier but it also made the process much more efficient.


View the various full emails I designed from the gallery below. Push notifications, which included a banner notification that linked to a full mobile screen, were designed based on approved emails.


As Motorola phones are locked in a special relationship with Verizon, I also designed Verizon branded emails [for Motorola devices]. Initially I was asked to design using Verizon style but eventually Motorola decided they wanted to use their email brand style and we would just include the Verizon logo.

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